The Origins

First & Second Generation
  • 1. The Brahmin family of Chathankary Panamkodu Panamkutti invited Perumalparampil Mappilai (First Generation) to make the unholy objects holy and provided residence for him at Chathankary Mepral in 1830. He had one son Mathan Perumal Mappilai (Second Generation) and he stayed in Thalavady village, north east at Noorupara Puthenparampil.
  • 1.1. Mathen Perumal Mappilai 1830. Second generation Noorupara Puthenparampil. He had three sons.
  • 1.1.1. Elder son Varghese Perumal in 1860 changed his residence from Noorupara Puthenparampil to Karikuzhy West and named the house, Puthenparampil (Kizhakkekuttu).
  • 1.1.2   Second son Perumal Abraham : He continued in Noorupara Puthenparampil
  • 1.1.3. Third son Mathew Perumal : He stayed near to Noorupara Puthenparampil in Vadakkeprath.
Third Generation

1.1.1    Varghese Perumal (Third generation)

Resided in Karikuzhy Puthenparampil (Kizhakkekkuttu). He was a farmer with three          sons.

  • Perumal Varghese
  • Chacko Perumal
  • Geevarghese Perumal (Kochu)

1.1.2    Perumal Abraham

Third generation, resides in Noorupara Puthenparampil. Two daughters. Elder daughter is married to Athimoottil in Thalavady Village and second daughter married to Karuveliyil Kuttikkattil in Thalavady Village.

1.1.3    Mathew Perumal

Third generation residing in Noorupara Puthenparampil near Vadakkepurathu (His successors were known as Vadakkepurathukar)

Fourth Generation Perumal Varghese (1863-1930)

Fourth generation, he resided in Puthenparampil (Kizhakkekuttu). He was a farmer with two sons and two daughters.

  • Varghese Perumal
  • Varghese Chacko
  • Elder daughter Aleyamma is married to Kochukunju Muttar  Kallupurackal Kollammalayil.
  • Younger daughter Annamma is married to Altharackal Mathan of  Eraviperoor,             Chacko Perumal (1864-1927)

Fourth generation father, stayed in Puthenparampil (Thekkepurayil). He was a farmer and he cultivated paddy in leased land from Karakkal Edamana kallamthattu illaam Gurukklasam madam in Peringara village. His wife Achiyamma was from Mallappally Parayarath, from Neduvelil Pazhoor family. They have five sons and a daughter.

  • Chacko Chacko (1888)
  • Chacko Varghese (1891-1968)
  • Chacko Abraham (1895-1938)
  • Chacko Mathew (1900-1979)
  • Chacko Elias (1906-1986)
  • Daughter Mariamma is married to Kuriyannur Thanathottathil Kunju Chacko.            Gevarghese Perumal (Kochu) 1866-1935:

He was also known as Kochupappen and lived in Puthenparampil Thekkekuttu and he married twice and stayed with his second wife and her son David (from her first marriage). He is known as Thekkelappan and he died without any descendants.

Fifth Generation          Varghese Perumal (1888-1970)

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He was married to Thalavady Valayil Annamma. He was a farmer with five children. Elder son Kunju died prematurely at the age of twenty. Elder daughter Mariyamma was married to Koikariyil Kunjukutty. Second daughter Sosamma was married to Vennikulam Malayil Kulamadathu Chacko. Third daughter Aleyamma was married to Kuttamperoor Thoppil Kizhakkethil Kochu Mathai. Younger son Perumal Varghese Job (P V Job /Kunjukunju)

Varghese Perumal was very gentle in character and in his house he cared a lot of turkey which was a sight for all people at that time. People were very free to spend their time in his house and the prayer and songs by Ammachi in the evening was a great blessing to the people nearby.          Varghese Chacko (1900 – 1984)

Mrs. & Mr. Varghese Chacko

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He lived in Puthenparampil Kizhakkekuttu and was a farmer married to  Achamma from Niranam Kettunilathu. They had 2 sons and 4 daughters.

  • P. C. George
  • P.C. Cherian
  • Mariamma (Ammini) is married to Kakkudiyil Thekkel T O George and they lived in Chungathara in Malappuram District Children: Johny, Leelamma, Samuelkutty, Sunny and Jaichan.
  • Annamma was married to Thiruvalla, Vengal, Alumthuruthiyil, Cherukandamparampil C V Kurian. Children: Leelamma (USA) Joy (Mumbai), Baby (Dubai) Georgy (Dubai)           Molly (USA).
  • Saramma is married to Kangazha Manimalakhanam Elappunkal E V Mathew. Children: Santhosh (Dubai) Sagan (Planter) Sajani (Dubai).
  • Aleyamma is married to Mallapply Modayil Kunjumon (Samuel). Children Nisha and Neethu.          Chacko Chacko (1888-1930)

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Fifth generation in Puthenparampil Thekkepurayil and was a farmer who had paddy fields in Naduvilemuri, Karikuzhy, Arthissery, Perillamaram and Anakkidaviruthy. His wife was Mariamma from Ala Veluthari Veluthedathu family. Children 2 sons and 2 daughters

  • Chacko Chacko (Kunju) 1907-1993 .
  • Chacko Thomas (Thomachan) 1918-2011
  • Aliyamma is married to Chenganoor Ala Poongatharayil P M Mathai.
  • Mariyamma was married to Kuzhivelippuram Sankaramangalathu Udampattumedayil Babu Cheriyan          Chacko Varghese (1891-1968)

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Puthenparampil Thekkepurayil, after his high school education joined in education department. He worked in Chavara High school, Elathur high school, Alleppy, Muhammadan high school and retired as a head clerk. Later he went for farming and worked as the headmaster of Karikuzhy Sunday school. He was married to Kanjirappallil Madovanayil Annamma (Kuttiyamma) and in that marriage he had a daughter and a son.

  • Daughter Kunjamma was married to Mallappally Kannamala Thekkeparampil K V Abraham.
  • Varghese Chacko (P V Chacko) or Kunjukunju

P C Varghese after the death of his first wife Kuttiyamma married   Saramma from Amichakari Vengal Thiruvatal family. They had five sons and a daughter

  • Varghese Tharian (Baby)
  • George Varghese (Kunjappan)   
  •  Daughter Annamma (Ammal) after her SSLC passed TTC and married to    Perumbavoor Perampil P M Mathew. Both were teachers and retired now. They have three children Sabu Mathai, Sajan Mathai & Sunil Mathai.
  • Abraham Varghese (Monichan).
  • Dr. Mathew Varghese (Genon).
  • Iype Varghese (Pankle)          Chacko Abraham (Avarachan)

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He was a farmer and business man married to Mannar Karuvelil   Mariamma and had one daughter Mariyakutty who was married to Pandankeril Mulappencheril Kunjappan Varkey.

After the death of his first wife, Chacko Abraham’s second marriage was from Mavelikkara Valezhathu Vilamel family and wife’s name is Aleyamma. They had one son and a daughter

  • Abraham Chacko (Kunjukunju) (PA Chacko)
  • Daughter Kunjamma Abraham was married to Varghese of Thiruvalla Kavutheekottu. They had three children – 2 sons and one daughter          Chacko Mathew (Mathew)

Mrs. & Mr. Chacko Mathew

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He lived as a farmer and had paddy fields in Thalavady Poriyanvelil, Perillamaram, Prakkidavaruthi, Udayan, Chatthan, Chakankari and in Chennithala too. His wife Saramma was from Amichakary, Chakkaala Vengal Kandathil family member and they had  4 sons and 3 daughters.

  • P M Chacko (Achenkunju)
  • P M Zakaria (Aniyan)
  • P M Achiyamma (Ammini) Ammini was married to Niranam Vadakkeppurathu     John Alexander (Kunjumon)
  • P M Aliyamma (Aniyamma) was married to Kumbanadu Chundamannil C. C. Eapen .
  • P.M. Mathew (Kunjunjukutty)
  • Adv. P.M. Abraham (Raja)
  • Rajamma is married to Kavumbhagam Kulathipurackal K E Thomas (Rajan). They have one daughter Smitha Binu       Chacko Elias (1906-1986)

Mrs. & Mr. P Chacko Elias

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He is the youngest son of the Puthenparampil fourth generation Chacko Chacko . Since he is the youngest, he was affectionately called Kochu) and had his education from Edathua St. Aloysius English School and passed ESLC from there and later joined in Munnar Kannan Devan Tea Estate. Later he worked in Konni South Indian Plantation and Elamannur Rubber Estate near Adoor Paracode. He took voluntary retirement in 1950 and stayed in Thalavady doing farming. He died at the age of 80 in 10th October 1986.

His wife Mariamma is the daughter of Mathew Mathen of Thalavady Chackalayil.  Her youngest brother, Rev. C. M. Abraham was a priest, in Mar Thoma Church. She passed away at the age of 93 in 3rd April 2005. They had six sons.

  • Elias Jacob (Kunju)
  • Elias Mathews (Mathukuttan)
  • Elias Abraham (Ponmani)
  • P. Alex (Baby)
  • Alex P. Varghese (Dora)
  • Elias P. John (Mani)