Family Tree of Chacko Chacko          Chacko Chacko (1888-1930)

Fifth generation in Puthenparampil Thekkepurayil was a farmer who had paddy fields in Naduvilemuri, Karikuzhy, Arthissery, Perillamaram and Anakkidaviruthy. His wife was Mariamma from Ala Veluthari Veluthedathu family. He had 2 sons and 2 daughters       Chacko Chacko (Kunju 1907-1993)

He lived in Puthenparampil Thekkepurayil, now Naduvilemuriyil. He was a     well known farmer and popularly known as Poriyanvelil Kunju. He cultivated in paddy fields not only in Thalavady village but also in Changanacherry   Ramankary and Kozhimukku Panchayath. Apart from there he cultivated paddy in Prakkad village Thottappally. He made his granary in Poriyanveliyil and    become known as Purinveliyil Kunju.

He married Pennamma from Amichakari Koikkeril family and they had six          children, 4 daughters and 2 sons. The eldest daughter Kunjamma is married to Thalavady Chiramel Thottukadavil Idiculla Varghese (Kunjunju), second daughter Thankamma is married to Thalavady Naippallichira Pappachen. Third daughter Kunjumol is married to Perumbatti Kodithopil Georgekutty and the youngest daughter Ammini is married in Perumbatti.    P C Chacko (Babu)

He lived in Puthenparampil Thekkeparayil Naduvelimuri and is married to          Kalangara, Moonnu Thayikkal Leelamma. He lived with his father helping him in farming, but passed away due to illness but he was blessed with a son named    Jeenu Jacob. Jeenu Jacob:

After studies he went to Kuwait for job. He married Vadasserikkara Narikuzhy Mulakkal Mollykutty             Alexander who is working as a Staff Nurse in Kuwait.

They have a son and a daughter. Robin Babu Jacob is studying in Kuwait.

  •  Carlien Raichal Jacob is studying in Kuwait.    P.C. Thomas (Aniyan)

He lived in Puthenparampil Thekkeparayil Naduvelimuri. He is married to Perumpetti Paduthovam Leelamma. He worked for some time in Gulf. He has two sons and a daughter.

  • Elder daughter Lincy P Thomas is married to Thalavady Thattaruparambil Jeemon and has two kids, Joel and Joice Lincon P Thomas is married to Suja and their only daughter Linda is a student. Larin P Thomas: He is married to Deepa      Chacko Thomas (P.C. Thomas) (1918-2011).

In the Malayalam year 1114, he started Textile business at the age of 21 then he moved towards Provision store and Ration shop. In the Malayalam year 1130. He started paddy farming with his brother. He tried to modernise paddy cultivation with the help of his brother Kunju and it was very fruitful to both of them.

He is married to Kumbanathanathai Thottakkadu Puthenkulathil Kunjamma. He           had two sons and three daughters.

  • Elder daughter Mariyamma (Ammukutty) is married to Madathilthottu Thomas           John (Babu) and worked in the health department in Kuwait. Now enjoying      retired life at home. They have a son and three daughters, Johnson, Elizabath, Annet  and Anu.
  • Second daughter Annamma (Baby) is married to Thiruvalla Thekkumpurathu         Thomas John (BSc. Agriculture). He retired as the deputy director (Agriculture) of the Government of Kerala and now residing at home. Their kids – 2 sons and a daughter : John Thomas, Sunil Thomas and daughter Anu Thomas.
  • Youngest daughter Aliyamma (Molykutty) is married to Chettikulngara Meenathethil Kuttikkattil Jacob Chacko. They have two daughters,  Mili Mary Jacob and Daphene Anna Jacob    Rev. Chacko Thomas (Sunny Achen)

He is born in 1949 and did his schooling in Muttar St. George High School and TMT High School Neerettupuram. Then he studied in Thiruvalla Marthoma College and took his graduation from NSS College Changanacherry. He did his BD from Kottayam Marthoma Theological Seminary and became a Decan on April 23, 1977 and he received Priesthood in 13 May 1977 from Rt. Rev. Easow Mar Themothios Episcopa.  He served as Vicar in Munnar St. Thomas, Vellathooval Bethel Chachippunna, Poonkulanji, Chempanaruvi, Poovathoor, Podimala, Kunnum Emmanual Puthenkavumala, Kalayappuram, Kulakkada, Puthusserimala, Mallappally Pariyaram, Pandanadu Immanual, St. Thomas Pandanad, Kuriyannur Salem, Bilai, Bombay, Thana, Nilampur St. Thomas, Kattumunga Sehion, Bahrain, Varikkd Sehion Mar Thoma Churches. During 1984-1986 he was the Superintendent of Kumbanadu Dharmagiri Mandiram. Between 1987-1990 he served as the travelling Secretary of Mar Thoma Suvisesha Prasanga Sangam and worked in its managing committee for 12 years. He served 6 years in Sabha Council. During this period he was in the governing boards of Perumbavoor Mar Thoma College, Chungathra Mar Thoma College and Evangelical institutions in Sihora and Hoshort as well as in the Theological Seminary Kottayam Governing Board.

He is married to Thumbamon Thurullayil Kochuplammoottil Sally and they have 3 sons. Thomas P Chacko (Soju)

He was born in 1979 and after the schooling took graduation from Ayoor Mar Thomas College of Science and technology and is working in Kuwait. In 2008 he married Calicut Kalappurayil Ancy who is working as a Staff Nurse in Kuwait and they have two kids.

  • Daughter Anna Thomas Sally who is a  student in Kuwait Chris Thomas who is a student in Kuwait. Rev. John P Chacko (Sajanachan)

After schooling he did his graduation in Mar Thoma Collage Thiruvalla and later did MSW from Infolessr Bhilai and joined Kottayam Mar Thoma Theological Seminary.

He was ordained as a Decan in 2011 June 29 and Priesthood from Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan in 2011 July 11. He served as Vicar in Chengotta, Kallada and Thuruthikara MTC.

He got married to Kottarakkara Pathamala Arappurackal Mariyamma Varghese (Betty) who had her degree in Bio Technology and MSc. in Natural Science with B.Ed. have two sons.          Chacko P John (Albin)          Varghese (Alen)  Chacko Chacko (Saju)

After schooling he took graduation in commerce and had Computer Accountancy   Training and is currently working in Kuwait. He got married to Bessy Koshy, the daughter of  Pathanapuram Chachipuna Poovakkunnil Shallamma Paul and Koshy Varghese and is now working in Kuwait as Staff Nurse    Varghese Puthenparampil Thomas (Kunju)

Born in1952, he completed his schooling in Karikuzhy LPS, Thalavady TMT high school and pre-degree from Edathua St. Aloysius College. He did his commerce graduation from SB College Changanachery and reached Kuwait in 1975             and orked in Union Trading company there as an Accountant and got promoted to various positions as Chief Accountant, Deputy Financial Controller and in 1997 onwards worked as Financial controller.

He is married to Saramma Varghese (Santhamma) the daughter of Kottarakara             Pinaruvila P O Chacko and Kuttiyamma. She took BSc in Zoology and Diploma in             Radiology from Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram. She started working in the    Ministry of Health Science in Kuwait as a radiographer and did thirty six years of         service there. They have two children.

Daughter: Anila Varghese Puthenparampil (Ruby): She did her schooling in Kuwait          and B.Tech from St. Joseph College of Engineering Chennai and MBA (Finance) from        Mumbai. She is married to Dileep Mammen Kuruvila son of Ernakulam Parayil             Kuruvilla Mammen and Grace Mammen. Dileep is a Mechanical Engineer. They have       a daughter – Anna Grace Mammen and son Naveen Kuruvilla Mammen Ronnie Tom Varghese

Born in 1984,he did his schooling in Kuwait and degree from Chennai Loyola          College and later completed Chartered Accounting course and got CA Designation in          2013. He completed C A. Articleship with Walker, Chandiyork & Co.In 2011 he started working as an Auditor. In 2013 he started his job in Ernst & Young Kuwait as an   Associate Auditor and in 2016 started working as a Finance Manager in Alghanim    International co-operation.

He got married to Anju, daughter of Trivandrum Mannil Mohan Chacko and Mary       Mohan. She did B Tech from Mohandas College of Engineering and then M Tech in    Environmental Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology.

They have a daughter Rhema Sarah Ronnie.